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"As President of Pure Tax Resolution, I'd like to personally invite you to contact our office today so we can get you the IRS tax help you need.  If you are a San Francisco area individual or business owner struggling with IRS tax problems, it's crucial that you take action before they evolve into more serious issues. Our team of licensed tax attorneys, enrolled agents, and tax accounting professionals will work with you every step of the way to negotiate with the IRS, and settle your tax debt problems for good. For a free consultation, contact us today at (415) 653-0098 and expect nothing but a positive experience. We are tax help you can trust!"

IRS Back Tax Forgiveness

Our team of licensed tax relief professionals represent San Francisco taxpayers to pursue and secure affordable IRS back tax forgiveness solutions to settle back taxes for good.

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Licensed IRS Tax Attorneys

When you hire our firm to settle your IRS problems, you will have a dedicated tax attorney on your side representing your best interests with IRS to reach an ideal tax settlement in your favor.

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Stop Wage Garnishments

When the IRS decides to issue a collections against you, time is your worst enemy. Our team of licensed tax professionals help San Francisco taxpayers stop wage garnishment and other IRS collections immediately.

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Small Business Tax Help

If you are a San Francisco area business owner facing tax problems with your business, our business tax help professionals can settle your business tax problems, and help you avoid tax issues moving forward.

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Are you a San Francisco taxpayer needing help with IRS back taxes?

Has the IRS threatened a wage garnishment or collection against you?

Are you a San Francisco small business owner facing business tax problems?

For any State or IRS tax problem you many be facing, it's crucial that you hire a tax resolution professional that can secure the best possible tax settlement for you. With so many tax resolution gimmicks on the market nowadays, where do you turn to find a tax resolution company you can trust?  Since opening our doors in 2008, Tim Halcomb has built Pure Tax Resolution on a foundation of results and customer service.  In an industry flooded with gimmicks and pretenders, Pure Tax Resolution focuses on listening to the client's needs, and following through with what we promiseOur in-house team of licensed tax attorneys, enrolled agents, and tax accountants work directly with San Francisco and bay area individuals and businesses to provide the expert tax help needed to settle complicated tax problems. When you hire Pure Tax Resolution to resolve your tax problems, you will have a team of dedicated professionals on your side that truly care for your personal and financial well-being.

Tax resolution services - San Francisco, CA

Our Dedicated Team of Licensed Tax Professionals Have a Solution For Your Tax Problems...

IRS Back Tax Forgiveness Solutions

IRS back tax debt comes in many different shapes and sizes, and in any case can evolve into much more serious problems if not addresses properly, and timely.  Our team of back tax attorneys represent San Francisco area taxpayers to pursue affordable IRS back tax forgiveness programs like Offer in Compromise, IRS installment plans, and more.


Tax Attorney Representation

Every case we handle has the attention of our team of licensed IRS tax attorneys.  A tax attorney combines IRS negotiation privileges along with extensive knowledge of the U.S. and State tax codes to provide an advantage that a common accountant or CPA can't provide.


IRS Audit Defense

The IRS issues audits on a daily basis, and while many aren't relatively severe, not having the proper representation can make or break your case. If you are an individual or business in the San Francisco area facing an IRS audit of any kind, our IRS audit defense specialists will represent you throughout the entire process to properly negotiate your audit.


Stop Wage Garnishment & Collections

If you are a local taxpayer facing an IRS wage garnishment or collection of any kind, now is the time to put a stop to your wage garnishment. Our team of wage garnishment lawyers have represented hundreds of taxpayers to avoid, and stop wage garnishment in its tracks.


IRS Tax Penalty Abatement

Along with securing affordable IRS back tax forgiveness options, our team of licensed tax professionals help San Francisco area taxpayers reduce, and settle tax penalties by securing tax penalty abatement for our clients.


Small Business Tax Help

Small business owners in the San Francisco area should be able to focus on growing their business without the IRS interfering.  If you are a business owner in the bay area facing business tax problems of any kind with the IRS or California, our small business tax relief specialists will settle your tax problems and help keep your business on track for success. 


International Tax Consulting

Have an experienced international tax attorney on your side to handle your international tax issues. From tax preparation, to FATCA and FBAR reporting, if you have international tax needs or have offshore assets, our team can help.


Professional IRS Tax Help From A Tax Resolution Company You Can Trust

Contact our office today to speak with our President, Tim Halcomb for a free consultation. We offer flat-rate pricing, 24-hour availability for clients, and superior customer service.

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