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Even though most small business owners in the San Francisco area run their business the right way, many tax problems can still arise without notice.  All it takes is a few simple oversights on a tax return or payroll calculation to start a ripple effect of tax problems.  Regardless of the origin of your business tax problem, it's crucial to pursue expert tax help to settle your IRS problems, and avoid them moving forward.

Since 2008, Tim Halcomb and his professional staff of business tax relief specialists have worked with hundreds of business owners to keep their business tax compliant and profitable. Our in-house team of IRS tax attorneys, accountants, and tax consulting professionals work together to solve tax problems and maintain healthy tax status for our San Francisco business clients.  If you are a San Francisco small business owner facing tax problems with your business, or would like to formulate a proactive plan to keep your business tax compliant, we invite you to contact our firm today for a free consultation.

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We Offer a Complete Suite of Small Business Tax Relief Solutions to Help Your Business Succeed...

Relief for Payroll Tax Problems

The IRS takes payroll tax compliance very seriously, and unfortunately, many payroll tax problems arise from a few simple mistakes or oversights.  Sometimes, San Francisco business owners may be short on funds and need to withhold payroll to make ends meet...a sometimes costly mistake. Regardless of the origin or intent of your payroll tax problems, you are looking at crippling penalties, audits, and even seizures if you don't pursue the proper payroll tax help to settle the problem.  By hiring our team of tax accounting and tax law professionals, we can rectify any oversights on your payroll, and ultimately work with the IRS to settle and prevent payroll issues for the life of your business.


Rectifying Overstated Tax Deductions

It's tempting to claim as many business expenses as you can on your Schedule C tax filing, but as we see all too often, many California business owners fly too close to the sun with their deductions.  If the IRS identifies any foul play with your deductions, you're most likely looking at an audit, where you have to supply more documentation to support your expenses.  If they find you are deducting illegitimate expenses, they will target you for penalties, seizures, and tax fraud investigations.  Don't let your business be jeopardized over your deductions, call our firm today and we can help formulate a plan to rectify your tax deductions and keep you compliant moving forward!


Properly Classifying Workers

W-2?  1099?  Who cares? Well, the IRS cares.  There are a lot of grey areas and stipulations involved with how you classify your workers. If you don't classify them properly according to the IRS' tax laws, you can be looking at backlash of some sort.  We'd be happy to speak with you to help you better understand how to classify your workers, and balance your tax filing accordingly.


Tax Management, Bookkeeping, and General Consulting

Having a business tax help professional on your side is important in order to resolve any IRS problems, but how will you maintain healthy compliance moving forward? Pure Tax Resolution is a professional resource to San Francisco and California business owners looking to stay on track with their tax and payroll obligations.  Our team of tax accountants and licensed tax law professionals offer personalized consulting for San Francisco business owners. Overall, we are here to handle all your accounting, payroll, bookkeeping, and tax filing needs for a flat-rate, affordable fee. Contact our firm today to see how our business tax professionals can help your business thrive.


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