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We offer professional IRS audit defense strategies for San Francisco individuals or businesses facing an IRS audit of any kind

Successfully navigating your IRS audit begins with pursuing professional IRS audit defense

The IRS issues audits every day, and it has been there effective tax monitoring program for a long time.  Over the years, the IRS' auditing methods have become increasingly more sophisticated and streamlined, which means more and more taxpayers in and around San Francisco find themselves targeted for an audit.  But, it's important to know that most audits are harmless, and it's just the IRS following protocol to verify that your tax returns are legit.  Either way, not having professional IRS audit defense can make or break your audit resolution.

Since 2008, Pure Tax Resolution has helped California individuals and businesses successfully prepare, mitigate, and settle IRS audits.  Our in-house team of licensed tax attorneys, enrolled agents, and tax accounting professionals work together to rectify erroneous tax returns, prepare all documentation, and successfully resolve audits.  If you are a local taxpayer of San Francisco or the bay area facing an IRS audit of any kind, make sure you have the proper IRS audit defense on your side. Our President, Tim Halcomb, is ready for your call to help you with any IRS audit resolution need.

IRS audit defense San Francisco

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The Nature of IRS Audits

There are any number of reasons the IRS may target an individual or business for an audit.  As mentioned, some audits are simple, where the IRS requires you send in documentation to support your tax returns. Not because they necessarily identified any foul play, but just as assurance. At the same time, the IRS will red flag any suspicious activity on a tax return they deem as purposeful infractions. In those cases, you are looking at much more serious consequences.  The most serious IRS audits obviously take place with businesses, and when a business can't defend themselves or correct the issues, they are looking at criminal investigations, penalties, and even seizures.

So how does an individual or business in the bay area successfully settle or avoid audits?  It begins with having a tax professional with a trained eye collect and analyze all necessary documentation and records to build a winning IRS audit defense. At Pure Tax Resolution, we have a knowledgeable team of tax accountants and tax law professionals that leave no stone unturned, and can assist you every step of the way to make sure your audit is settled properly, and no further issues arise in the future.

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