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In addition to domestic tax issues, many San Francisco area residents find themselves struggling with international tax dilemmas as well.  U.S. international tax regulations are constantly evolving, making it even more difficult to comply with tax and asset reporting from an international standpoint.  When you are facing issues with foreign asset reporting, or tax filing for international business, it's important to hire an international tax lawyer or someone with offshore tax expertise that can resolve your issues and maintain compliance.

Pure Tax Resolution strives to be an all-inclusive resource for tax help, and that includes professional consulting and resolution for international tax matters.  For local residents that have offshore assets (bank accounts, real estate, etc) we can help rectify your FATCA and FBAR reporting.  If you live in the San Francisco area and are involved with international employment, we can help with your international tax filing as well.  Contact our office today for a free consultation so we can help shed light on your international tax obligations.

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Foreign Asset Reporting

Recently, the government has mandated sophisticated regulations on international assets that applies to any U.S. resident with offshore investments (bank accounts, real estate commodities, investments, etc).  FBAR and FATCA regulations require owners of foreign assets to report their asset values on a yearly basis.  Failing to comply with these regulations can lead to serious penalties, levies, and other sever consequences.  If you are a San Francisco area resident with offshore assets and need help with compliance, our team of FBAR and FATCA lawyers can help you rectify any issues, and protect your assets from the government.  We encourage you to contact us today for a free consultation, as time is your worst enemy when facing FBAR/FATCA compliance issues.


International Tax Preparation & Consulting

For San Francisco area residents involved with international business operations or employment, it's important that you have your tax reporting in line.  International tax returns can be much more complicated than domestic tax returns, as there are more variables and laws that come into play.  If you need help with your international tax compliance, our team of international tax consultants are at your service. From standard international tax preparation, to setting up foreign business ventures and staying compliant, our team of tax specialists are here to help. We are available for a free consultation for all your international tax and business needs.


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