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If you are a San Francisco taxpayer needing help with paying IRS back taxes, our team of licensed tax professionals can secure an affordable back tax settlement plan for you

Have a licensed tax professional on your side to reduce and settle your IRS back taxes

If you are a San Francisco taxpayer in need of IRS back tax help, you already know what it's like to get the letters and bills in the mail.  IRS back taxes come in all shapes and sizes, and no matter the nature or sum of any back tax debt, not taking measures to settle them leads to much more serious problems.  Simply put, time is your worst enemy with back taxes.  The longer you wait to take action, the more tax penalties you accrue, and the closer you get to facing a potential garnishment or levy from the IRS.

Bottom line, it's in your best interest to pursue professional IRS back taxes help from a licensed tax professional that can negotiate with the IRS to secure an affordable IRS back tax forgiveness plan for you. At Pure Tax Resolution, we have an in-house team of licensed tax attorneys and enrolled agents that have helped hundreds of taxpayers reduce and settle their back tax debt.  When you hire us, we will immediately contact the IRS and work to pull all and any strings we can to not only secure an affordable settlement plan, but also reduce your overall tax debt balance.

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We Can Help You Secure A Convenient IRS Back Tax Settlement Plan..

Installment Plans

Securing a monthly installment plan is the easiest way to pay off your back tax debt, and is very achievable with the help of a licensed tax professional.  By securing a monthly installment plan, the IRS will normally suspend additional tax penalties, and your assets and wages will be safe from collections.  Our IRS back tax help specialists can help you secure an installment plan today.


Officer In Compromise (OIC)

An OIC is another common IRS back tax forgiveness plan where the IRS agrees to accept less than you originally owe. This requires the attention of a licensed tax attorney or enrolled agent to submit the proper paperwork and negotiate with the IRS on your behalf.  An OIC is typically for taxpayers with substantial back tax debt, and is basically an installment plan in the sense you are making monthly payments. If you are a San Francisco taxpayer with a significant amount of tax debt, we'd be happy to discuss your eligibility for an OIC.


Currently Not Collectible (CNC)

A CNC determination is reserved for San Francisco taxpayers that are facing extreme financial hardship in addition to owing a large amount of back taxes. As you can imagine, it's not easy to be granted CNC status, as you have to prove to the IRS that you cannot pay off your back tax debt and afford to live at the same time.  Securing a CNC status means your back tax obligation is suspended, and the IRS agrees to back off until a realistic compromise can be reached between the taxpayer and the IRS.  Bottom line, only a licensed and experienced tax attorney or enrolled agent has the power to submit the paperwork and negotiate with the proper IRS channels to secure a CNC back tax forgiveness plan.  If you are a San Francisco taxpayer facing back taxes while under financial hardship, contact our firm today and we can explore your options.

Affordable IRS Back Tax Forgiveness Programs for San Francisco Taxpayers

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