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When tax problems arise, your personal and financial well-being is at immediate risk. If you are concerned about the IRS impacting your future, having professional IRS representation is key to settling your tax problems the right way.  A licensed tax attorney provides legal advantages that an every day CPA or Accountant cannot provide.  Tax attorneys are proficient in the U.S. tax codes, and are licensed to negotiate with the highest IRS officials, giving clients a unique advantage in resolving even the most complicated tax problems.

At Pure Tax Resolution, our legal team is comprised of in-house, licensed and experienced tax attorneys that handle your case from start to finish.  Not only does our legal team possess extensive knowledge and experience, but they also provide a personal touch for our clients, available over the phone or email when you need us.  If you are a San Francisco area taxpayer in need of expert legal representation for your tax problems, we invite you to contact our office today for a free consultation and equip yourself with the tax attorney advantage.

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The Tax Attorney Advantages..

Privileged Communications

When trying to resolve a complicated tax problem, it's important to have access to the proper IRS departments and officials.  Our IRS tax attorneys have the exclusive power to contact the proper IRS authorities for our clients, giving them a distinct advantage in securing an ideal tax settlement.


Tax Law Expertise

Tax attorneys endure many years of education and real-life experience understanding the U.S. and California tax codes.  This extensive knowledge and expertise is fully applied when negotiating tax resolutions for our San Francisco clients.


Customer Relationships & Ethics

Nowadays, our industry is flooded by many tax resolution marketers that farm your case out to the highest bidder, leaving much uncertainty for your tax resolution case.  When you hire Pure Tax Resolution, you are getting an in-house team of licensed tax attorneys that are direct employees of our firm.  They are here to build a relationship with our clients and give them peace of mind, a benefit that is rare in the industry.


Affordable, Flat-Rate Fees

Although many legal professionals charge by the hour for their services, Pure Tax Resolution offers up-front fees for all of our tax resolution and tax attorney services.  With Pure Tax Resolution, you won't have to worry about any surprise fees or overages, we want to make your investment predictable and affordable!

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