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Our team of licensed tax professionals offer proven tax debt relief methods to help San Francisco individuals reduce and settle IRS tax debt

Are you a San Francisco resident struggling with IRS back taxes?

Do you have misfiled or unfiled tax returns?

Is the IRS threatening to, or currently garnishing your wages?

The most important decision you can make when facing IRS back taxes is to take action and pursue professional tax help.  As time goes on, the IRS will continue to hammer you with penalties, and eventually target your assets and wages.  Some San Francisco taxpayers may not know where to turn to find the proper tax help, and considering the large number of fakes and pretenders in the market, we don't blame them.  If you are a local taxpayer of San Francisco or the bay area looking for a tax resolution company you can trust, Pure Tax Resolution is ready to take your call.

When you hire Pure Tax Resolution to settle your tax problems, you are getting a dedicated team of licensed IRS tax relief specialists that will represent your best interests and get the results you need. No need to worry about getting those stressful letters in the mail, or the IRS seizing your hard-earned assets. All you need to do is contact our firm today so we can build a proven tax resolution program for your needs.

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So What's Your Tax Problem? We Have A Proven Tax Resolution Strategy For You..

Need Help With Paying IRS Back Taxes?

It's understandable to feel trapped or panicked when dealing with IRS back taxes. In a perfect world, you could just pay off your back taxes in a lump sum, but in reality only a very small fraction of back tax victims can do that.  The most common, and affordable method of resolving back taxes is to have a tax help professional secure an IRS back tax forgiveness program for you.  Our team of back tax attorneys can help you secure any number of convenient IRS back tax settlement plans, including an Offer In Compromise, CNC status, or a basic Installment Plan...all while keeping your assets and wages safe.


Do You Need An IRS Tax Attorney?

Not every tax problem needs a licensed tax law attorney to settle them, but only an IRS tax attorney has the legal privileges to contact the highest IRS authorities, negotiate with them, and exercise the tax laws in your favor.  Simply put, a tax attorney can provide San Francisco taxpayers a distinct advantage in settling tax debt, an advantage a standard CPA or Accountant can't provide.  Our team of licensed tax attorneys have helped hundreds of California taxpayers secure an ideal tax settlement, and can do the same for you.


How To Stop Wage Garnishments, Levies, and Other IRS Collections

If you are being targeted for an IRS collection, you need professional help right now. If you are facing a wage garnishment, levy, or lien, this means your tax debt has prolonged without pursuing a legitimate method to settle them.  Whether you find yourself victimized by a collection right now, or want to take a proactive approach to stop wage garnishment and levies, it's absolutely crucial you contact an IRS tax relief professional today.  We have helped hundreds of California taxpayers take back their financial freedom by negotiating with the IRS to stop collections, and settle their back tax problems.


Settle & Avoid IRS Audits

First and foremost, most audits issued by the IRS aren't serious and can be settled relatively easily. However, if the IRS identifies any serious issues with your tax returns or filing methods, you could be facing more serious penalties. Either way, having the attention of a licensed tax professional to navigate and settle the audit is crucial. No matter the nature or severity of your audit, our team of tax preparation and tax law professionals will help you through the process, settle your audit, and help you avoid them.


Get Rid Of Nagging Tax Penalties

As your tax debt prolongs, you will continue to get tagged with accruing tax penalties. The IRS issues penalties as a method to encourage folks to settle them, really it's a win-win for them. The good news, is that they are quite often lenient with reducing or lifting tax penalties for folks that have the proper representation. We can contact the IRS on your behalf and pursue a tax penalty abatement plan that will ease the burden of tax debt penalties.


Understanding Your International Tax Obligations

Dealing with international tax reporting can be a mess. With so many grey areas and stipulations nowadays, it's easy for a San Francisco resident with international employment matters or offshore assets to encounter tax problems. For any international tax preparation, consulting, or FATCA / FBAR reporting need, our team of international tax consultants and attorneys are ready to help.

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