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As a result of back taxes, the IRS will issue accruing penalties and interest until you take action to settle your tax debt.  But, if you take it upon yourself to pay off your back taxes without professional help, there's a good chance the IRS will still require that you pay the compounded penalties and interest. So how do you get around that?  Just like most tax problems San Francisco taxpayers may face, having professional representation is key to reducing or even eliminating tax penalties. A licensed tax attorney or enrolled agent has the power to secure tax penalty abatement for those who qualify.

If you are a San Francisco or bay area individual or business owner facing tax penalties or interest as a result of outstanding tax debt, we are confident we can find a tax penalty abatement solution for you. Securing a tax penalty reduction or removal begins with our licensed tax professionals contacting the IRS and negotiating a tax settlement strategy. We have helped hundreds of taxpayers get relief from tax penalties, and we may be able to do the same for you.

Tax penalty abatement San Francisco

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The Nature of IRS Tax Penalties

There is a large variety of different tax penalties that the IRS can issue against taxpayers, over 140 as a matter of fact! Of that, the penalties are typically broken down into 5 key categories: Accuracy Penalties, Fraud Penalties, Underpayment Penalties, Late Filing/Failure to File Penalties, and Combined Penalties.

The categories are pretty generic and self-explanatory, but of course come with many grey areas in between.  Believe it or not, one of the harshest penalties is Failure to File penalties, so it's always important to file your taxes.  Regardless of the origin of your tax penalties, it's still in your best interest to consult professional help to explore your options for tax penalty abatement.

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